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About Turbo Dismount™

Turbo Dismount™ is a unique and morbidly fascinating game that falls under the category of kinetic tragedy simulators. This game serves as the official sequel to the highly acclaimed Stair Dismount, which was a personal impact simulator that gained immense popularity. In Turbo Dismount™, players engage with the tragic life of Mr. Dismount, who finds himself in various hazardous scenarios involving cars that seemingly 'love' him. The game builds on the dark humor and physics-based gameplay that made its predecessor a hit, offering a new set of challenges and scenarios for players to explore.

Features of Turbo Dismount™

- Physics-Based Gameplay: Engage with realistic physics that dictate the outcomes of Mr. Dismount's interactions with cars and other obstacles, providing a dynamic and unpredictable experience.

- Variety of Scenarios: Experience a wide range of tragic scenarios involving Mr. Dismount and his vehicular foes, each offering unique challenges and outcomes.

- Replayability: With endless combinations of scenarios and outcomes, Turbo Dismount™ offers high replayability, encouraging players to experiment and discover new ways to 'dismount'.

- Dark Humor: Embrace the game's dark and twisted sense of humor, which is a hallmark of the dismount series, providing a unique and entertaining experience.

Release Date of Turbo Dismount™

21 May, 2014

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on21 May, 2014
DeveloperSecret Exit Ltd.