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About Until You Fall

Until You Fall is an immersive VR experience that merges the realms of fantasy and synthwave music into a dynamic sword fighting game. Players engage in a physically demanding hack-and-slash roguelite adventure, navigating through a visually stunning neon environment. The game challenges players to grow stronger by battling against a variety of magic-infused creatures, emphasizing a cycle of combat, defeat, and rebirth.

Features of Until You Fall

- Immersive VR Experience: Engage in a physically active combat system that leverages the full capabilities of virtual reality, providing a deeply interactive and immersive gameplay.

- Neon-Infused Aesthetic: The game features a visually striking neon environment that combines the retro-futuristic style of synthwave with fantasy elements, creating a unique and captivating backdrop for the action.

- Roguelite Mechanics: Incorporates roguelite elements where players can expect procedurally generated challenges and the ability to grow stronger with each playthrough, encouraging multiple sessions to fully master the game.

- Dynamic Combat System: Offers a variety of sword fighting techniques and magical abilities that players can use to strategically defeat enemies, enhancing the depth and replayability of the combat encounters.

Release Date of Until You Fall

27 Oct, 2020

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on27 Oct, 2020
DeveloperSchell Games
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