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V Rising - Dracula's Relics Pack For PC

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About V Rising - Dracula's Relics Pack

V Rising - Dracula's Relics Pack is an exciting expansion for the popular survival game V Rising. This DLC delves deeper into the dark and mystical world of vampires, introducing a series of relics and artifacts that are historically linked to Dracula himself. Players will explore new areas, uncover ancient secrets, and wield powerful artifacts that enhance their vampire abilities, all while maintaining the core gameplay mechanics that fans of V Rising have come to love.

Features of V Rising - Dracula's Relics Pack

- Ancient Relics: Introduces a collection of powerful relics each with unique abilities that significantly enhance gameplay.

- Expanded Lore: Provides deeper insights into the world of V Rising through the history and mythology of Dracula.

- New Exploration Zones: Offers new areas to explore, each filled with unique challenges and rewards.

- Enhanced Abilities: Allows players to upgrade their vampire powers using the mystical relics found throughout the game.

Release Date of V Rising - Dracula's Relics Pack

17 May, 2022

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on17 May, 2022
DeveloperStunlock Studios
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