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About Valheim

Valheim is a captivating exploration and survival game that immerses players in a procedurally-generated world inspired by Viking mythology. Designed for 1-10 players, this game challenges adventurers to navigate a brutal purgatory, engaging in epic battles, strategic building, and territorial conquests. The ultimate goal is to craft a saga that would earn the favor of the mighty Odin, making it a thrilling journey through Nordic folklore and legend.

Features of Valheim

- Procedurally-Generated World: Each playthrough offers a unique landscape and challenges, ensuring a fresh experience with every new saga.

- Multiplayer Capability: Supports cooperative and competitive play for up to 10 players, enhancing the social and strategic elements of the game.

- Viking-Inspired Setting: Richly detailed environments and narratives draw heavily from Viking culture and mythology, providing a deep and immersive historical context.

- Dynamic Combat System: Features a variety of weapons and tactics, requiring players to adapt and strategize against formidable foes.

- Building and Crafting: Players can construct and customize their own strongholds, utilizing a wide range of materials and designs.

- Mythical Encounters: Encounters with legendary creatures and gods add a layer of mythological depth, challenging players to prove their worth in the eyes of the gods.

Release Date of Valheim

2 Feb, 2021

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on2 Feb, 2021
DeveloperIron Gate AB
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