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About Viscera Cleanup

Viscera Cleanup is a unique and unconventional video game that puts players in the shoes of a spaceship janitor, tasked with cleaning up the aftermath of an alien massacre. As the sole survivor, players must scrub away the evidence of the disaster and restore order to the ship.

Key Features

1.Unconventional First-Person Gameplay
In Viscera Cleanup, players experience the game from a first-person perspective, resembling a typical shooter game. However, instead of traditional weapons like pistols or shotguns, players are equipped with janitorial tools such as a mop, latex gloves, and a bucket. The game takes a comedic approach by putting cleaning at the forefront of gameplay rather than combat.

2.Clean Up Blood Stains and Remains
Following the unseen massacre, the spaceship becomes a gruesome sight, scattered with blood stains, guts, and human remains. To tackle these messes, players must rely on their trusty mop and bucket to clean up blood and bodily fluids. Additionally, a trash can is available to dispose of intestines and amputated appendages, adding a touch of macabre humor to the cleaning process.

3.Space Janitor Simulator
Viscera Cleanup can be considered the closest thing to a space janitor simulator. It offers players a unique and immersive experience as they navigate the ship, meticulously cleaning up the aftermath of the alien rampage. While cleaning floors may not seem initially appealing, the game surprises players by making the exploration aspect enjoyable and engaging.

4.Humorous and Entertaining Gameplay
Despite the seemingly mundane task of cleaning, Viscera Cleanup injects humor into the otherwise grim scenario. The game's unconventional premise and comedic undertones provide a refreshing and entertaining gameplay experience. Players will find themselves engaged in discovering the ship's secrets and uncovering amusing surprises along the way.

Viscera Cleanup breaks away from traditional gaming conventions by offering a truly distinctive experience as a space janitor. With its unconventional first-person gameplay, the necessity to clean up blood stains and remains, the simulation of being a space janitor, and the injection of humor throughout, Viscera Cleanup provides a unique and entertaining gaming experience that transcends the boundaries of the ordinary.

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated onOct 28, 2013

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