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About Voidtrain - Supporter Upgrade

Voidtrain - Supporter Upgrade is an expansion pack for the base game Voidtrain, a unique survival crafting game set in the mysterious and expansive universe of the Void. Players continue their journey aboard a train that travels through the endless void, where they must gather resources, craft items, and survive against various challenges. This upgrade enhances the base game experience with additional content and features designed to enrich the gameplay and provide supporters with exclusive perks.

Features of Voidtrain - Supporter Upgrade

- Exclusive Crafting Recipes: Unlock new and unique crafting recipes that are not available in the base game, allowing for the creation of more powerful and specialized items.

- Enhanced Visuals: Experience improved graphics and visual effects that bring the surreal landscapes of the Void to life with greater detail and vibrancy.

- Bonus Content: Receive additional in-game content such as new characters, storylines, and quests that expand the narrative and gameplay depth.

- Supporter Recognition: Gain recognition as a supporter with special in-game acknowledgments and possibly exclusive access to early updates or beta features.

Release Date of Voidtrain - Supporter Upgrade

9 May, 2023

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on9 May, 2023
DeveloperHypeTrain Digital
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