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About Voxel Turf

Voxel Turf is an engaging block-based urban sandbox game that offers a unique blend of construction, destruction, and strategic gameplay. Set in a voxel-styled world, players are given the freedom to build sprawling cities, engage in explosive demolition, complete various missions, or battle for control over territories. Whether aiming to establish a real estate empire or indulging in chaotic vehicular mayhem, Voxel Turf provides a dynamic and customizable experience tailored to diverse gaming preferences.

Features of Voxel Turf

- Block-Based Construction: Players can design and build cities from the ground up using a variety of block types, offering creative freedom and architectural possibilities.

- Destructive Gameplay: The game features realistic physics-based destruction, allowing players to strategically blow up buildings and structures for various objectives.

- Mission Variety: Voxel Turf offers a wide array of missions ranging from construction challenges to combat tasks, ensuring a diverse gameplay experience.

- Territory Warfare: Players can engage in territorial battles, fighting against other factions to expand their influence and control over the urban landscape.

- Real Estate Management: For those interested in a more strategic approach, the game allows players to manage and expand their real estate holdings, building an empire from scratch.

- Open-World Exploration: The game features an open-world environment where players can freely drive around, explore, and cause mayhem as they see fit.

Release Date of Voxel Turf

13 Sep, 2017

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on13 Sep, 2017
DeveloperL Twigger