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VTOL VR is an immersive Virtual Reality game that transports players into the cockpit of advanced multi-role jets in a near-futuristic combat setting. This game allows players to experience the thrill of piloting these high-tech aircraft, engaging in intense aerial battles, and managing intricate flight controls all within a VR environment. The game's design focuses on providing a realistic and interactive flight experience, making it a standout title in the VR combat flight genre.

Features of VTOL VR

- Immersive VR Experience: Engage directly with the game environment using VR technology, providing a deep and interactive gameplay experience.

- Realistic Flight Controls: Manipulate advanced flight controls with your hands, flipping switches and pressing buttons for a tactile feel of piloting a jet.

- Multi-role Jets: Pilot a variety of advanced jets, each with unique capabilities and roles, enhancing strategic gameplay and replayability.

- Near-Futuristic Setting: Battle in a setting that blends modern technology with futuristic elements, offering a unique backdrop for combat and exploration.

Release Date of VTOL VR

3 Aug, 2017

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on3 Aug, 2017
DeveloperBoundless Dynamics, LLC
LanguagesEnglish,Simplified Chinese,Russian,Japanese