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About War of Rights

War of Rights is a first-person multiplayer game that plunges players into the heart of the American Civil War. Set during the Maryland Campaign of September 1862, this game is renowned for its massive 300-player battles, emphasizing historical authenticity, teamplay, and immersive gameplay. Players can experience the intensity and scale of Civil War conflicts, all while adhering to the historical context and tactical challenges of the era.

Features of War of Rights

- Massive Battles: Engage in epic 300-player battles, capturing the scale and chaos of Civil War confrontations.

- Historical Authenticity: The game meticulously recreates the historical setting, uniforms, and weapons of the 1862 Maryland Campaign.

- Teamplay Focus: Emphasizes cooperation and strategy, requiring players to work together to achieve victory.

- Immersion: Offers a deeply immersive experience through detailed environments and realistic battle scenarios.

- Diverse Roles: Players can take on various roles within their regiments, from infantry to artillery, each with unique responsibilities and challenges.

- Dynamic Campaigns: The game features ongoing campaigns that evolve based on player actions and outcomes, adding a layer of replayability and engagement.

Release Date of War of Rights

3 Dec, 2018

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on3 Dec, 2018
DeveloperCampfire Games