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About War Thunder

War Thunder is an expansive, free-to-play, cross-platform MMO military game that immerses players in the tactical operations of aviation, armoured vehicles, and naval craft. Spanning from the early 20th century to modern times, the game offers a rich historical context and a variety of combat units to engage in major battles across land, air, and sea.

Features of War Thunder

- Cross-Platform Play: Engage in multiplayer battles with players across different platforms, enhancing the community interaction and competitive spirit.

- Diverse Combat Units: Command a wide array of aircraft, tanks, and naval vessels, each with unique characteristics and historical backgrounds.

- Historical Accuracy: The game meticulously recreates historical battles and units, providing a realistic and educational experience for military enthusiasts.

- Comprehensive Progression: Advance through various ranks and unlock new units and technologies, allowing for personalized strategic development.

- Multi-Domain Battles: Experience combat in three distinct environments—land, air, and sea—requiring diverse strategies and tactics.

Release Date of War Thunder

15 Aug, 2013

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on15 Aug, 2013
DeveloperGaijin Entertainment
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