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War Thunder - British Starter Pack For PC

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About War Thunder - British Starter Pack

War Thunder - British Starter Pack is an expansion for the popular multiplayer military game, War Thunder, available on Steam. This pack specifically focuses on introducing players to the British military forces, offering a curated selection of aircraft, vehicles, and equipment from the British arsenal. It serves as an ideal entry point for new players interested in experiencing the strategic depth and historical accuracy that War Thunder is renowned for, particularly within the context of British military history.

Features of War Thunder - British Starter Pack

- Exclusive British Aircraft: Access to a unique lineup of British aircraft, each meticulously modeled to reflect their historical counterparts, providing a distinct gameplay experience.

- Historical Vehicles: Includes a variety of British ground vehicles, enhancing the tactical options available to players in both air and ground combat scenarios.

- Enhanced Progression: Offers accelerated progression paths for players choosing the British faction, allowing for quicker access to higher tiers of equipment and technology.

- Cultural Immersion: Provides a deep dive into British military history, with detailed models and authentic sounds that enhance the immersive experience of piloting and commanding British forces.

Release Date of War Thunder - British Starter Pack

16 Jul, 2020

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on16 Jul, 2020
DeveloperGaijin Entertainment
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