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About War Thunder - Swedish Starter Pack

War Thunder - Swedish Starter Pack is an expansion for the popular multiplayer online game War Thunder, which focuses on air, land, and sea battles. This specific pack introduces players to the Swedish military forces, offering a unique set of vehicles and aircraft that highlight Sweden's historical contributions to warfare. Players who own the base game War Thunder on Steam can enhance their gaming experience by accessing these new Swedish units, adding a fresh layer of strategy and diversity to the battlefield.

Features of War Thunder - Swedish Starter Pack

- Exclusive Swedish Units: Provides a collection of historically accurate Swedish aircraft, tanks, and ships that are not available in the base game.

- Enhanced Gameplay: Introduces new tactical options and challenges with the unique characteristics and capabilities of Swedish military hardware.

- Historical Accuracy: Emphasizes detailed recreations of Swedish military technology, offering an educational and immersive experience for history enthusiasts.

- Expanded Multiplayer Options: Allows players to engage in new multiplayer scenarios and team compositions, fostering a more varied and competitive online environment.

Release Date of War Thunder - Swedish Starter Pack

22 Mar, 2021

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on22 Mar, 2021
DeveloperGaijin Entertainment
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