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About Watch_Dogs - Bad Blood

Watch_Dogs - Bad Blood is an expansion pack for the action-adventure game Watch_Dogs, originally released on Steam. Set in the same open-world environment of Chicago, Bad Blood delves deeper into the story of T-Bone Grady, a returning character from the main game. Players continue to leverage hacking abilities to manipulate the city's infrastructure and interact with various digital systems, all while engaging in thrilling missions and side activities.

Features of Watch_Dogs - Bad Blood

- New Storyline: Embark on a fresh narrative centered around T-Bone Grady, featuring new characters and plot twists.

- Enhanced Hacking Mechanics: Utilize T-Bone's unique hacking skills, including the ability to deploy remote-controlled cars for reconnaissance and distraction.

- Additional Missions: Experience 10 new main missions and various side activities that offer more depth and variety to the gameplay.

- Revamped Combat System: Engage in more tactical combat scenarios, leveraging new gadgets and strategies to outsmart enemies.

Release Date of Watch_Dogs - Bad Blood

30 Sep, 2014

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on30 Sep, 2014
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