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Watch_Dogs® 2 - Black Hat Pack For PC

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About Watch_Dogs® 2 - Black Hat Pack

Watch_Dogs® 2 - Black Hat Pack is an expansion content for the base game Watch_Dogs® 2, a popular open-world action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft. This pack introduces new hacking tools and missions, enhancing the player's ability to explore and manipulate the digital world of San Francisco. As part of the Watch_Dogs series, which focuses on the use of technology and information in modern society, this pack continues to delve into the ethical dilemmas and possibilities of hacking.

Features of Watch_Dogs® 2 - Black Hat Pack

- New Hacking Tools: Adds advanced hacking capabilities, allowing players to access previously unreachable systems and data.

- Exclusive Missions: Introduces unique story-driven missions that expand the narrative of Watch_Dogs® 2, providing deeper insights into the characters and their motivations.

- Enhanced Gameplay: Offers new challenges and rewards, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging for both new and returning players.

Release Date of Watch_Dogs® 2 - Black Hat Pack

20 Dec, 2016

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on20 Dec, 2016
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