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About Watery Desktop 3D

Watery Desktop 3D is a unique and innovative software, perfectly suitable for those who enjoy adding a splash of creativity and refreshment to their desktop screens. As the holidays conclude, it's time to splash your desktop with the effects of water, thanks to Watery Desktop 3D. Once activated, this entertaining software floods your screen in a manner that makes it appear as though everything on your desktop is submersed underwater.

Key Feature

1: Customizable Water Effects
With Watery Desktop 3D, you have access to a variety of water effects. From a gentle rain to strong waves, you're in control of determining the level of your water effects. Subtle raindrops can create an ambience of soft tranquillity, while the powerful waves offer a dynamic and exciting visual display that truly stands out.

2: High-Level Customization Options
The high-level customization options this software provides allow you to add your personal touch to the screensaver. Choose the waves level for a turbulent or calming effect, balance the rainfall to match your mood, and fine-tune the smoothness to have the perfect underwater representation on your screen.

3: Screensaver Replacement
Watery Desktop 3D doesn’t just confine itself to being a temporary source of visual amusement. This application can easily replace your existing screensaver with an energetic and appealing underwater spectacle. Setting it as the default screensaver presents a unique and attention-grabbing display that works incredibly well.

4: Seamless Transition Modes
One of the key highlights of Watery Desktop 3D is its functionality to work in two different modes: wallpaper mode and fullscreen mode. This provides seamless interchangeability between an animated desktop wallpaper and a full-screen screensaver, allowing you to experience the beauty of this application in two different aspects.

Watery Desktop 3D is more than just a software, it's an ability to create an invigorating workplace environment that offers visual pleasure along with excellent functionality. Dive in and immerse yourself in this one-of-a-kind desktop experience.

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated onJun 27, 2023
DeveloperPUSH Entertainment

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How to download and Install Watery Desktop 3D on Windows PC

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