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About WebcamMax Effects Package

The WebcamMax Effects Package offers a vast collection of 1,896 effects specifically designed for WebcamMax. These effects enhance your webcam experience by adding various elements to your video feed. The package includes three types of effects: Mask Effects, Frame Effects, and Emotion Effects, each offering a wide range of options to customize your webcam output.

Key Features

1.Mask Effects
The Mask Effects category in the WebcamMax Effects Package provides a diverse selection of masks to overlay on your webcam feed. This includes Animal masks, Cartoon masks, Face masks, Famous People masks, Glasses masks, Hair masks, Hat masks, Movie Character masks, and Smiley masks. These masks can instantly transform your appearance and add a touch of fun and creativity to your video chat or recordings.

2.Frame Effects
With the Frame Effects category, you get an extensive array of frames to frame your webcam feed. The collection includes various types of frames, such as Animals, Animated frames, Architecture frames, Clocks frames, Consumption frames, Cool Devices frames, Famous People frames, Feeling frames, Game frames, Holidays frames, Human frames, Love frames, Movie frames, Flag frames, Nature frames, Sports frames, and Stylish frames. These frames allow you to enhance your webcam output and give your videos a professional and polished look.

3.Emotion Effects
The Emotion Effects category offers a wide range of effects that showcase different emotions, characters, objects, and themes. This includes 3D Yellow Face effects, Angel effects, Ant effects, Asian Girl effects, Eagle effects, Baseball effects, Basketball effects, Beaver effects, Bee effects, Bikini Girl effects, Bodybuilder effects, Bear effects, Butterfly effects, Car effects, Chipmunk effects, Cloud effects, Couples effects, Criminals effects, Alien effects, Dog effects, Dave effects, Dentistry effects, Devil effects, Donkey effects, Dragon effects, Elephant effects, Pig effects, Fish effects, Fly effects, Food effects, Football effects, Frog effects, Genie effects, Goth Girl effects, Government effects, Grim effects, Gun effects, Happy Face effects, Holidays effects, Lion effects, Medusa effects, Mermaid effects, Monkey effects, Motorcycle effects, Mouse effects, Ninja effects, Panda effects, Parrot effects, Penguin effects, Pirate Kitty effects, Plane effects, Red Heart effects, Sculpture effects, and many more. These effects allow you to express yourself creatively and add a touch of personality to your webcam feed.

In summary, the WebcamMax Effects Package offers an extensive collection of 1,896 effects divided into Mask Effects, Frame Effects, and Emotion Effects. Whether you want to transform your appearance, frame your webcam feed, or express different emotions and themes, this package provides a diverse range of options to enhance your webcam experience. With the WebcamMax Effects Package, you can add a touch of fun, creativity, and personalization to your video chats, live streams, and recorded videos.

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Updated onNovember 7, 2008
Operating systemWindows, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista

Old Versions

WebcamMax Effects Package4.1.2.2
November 7, 2008
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WebcamMax Effects Package for PC
Supply your version of WebcamMax application with a variety of effects.
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