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About Weird West: Definitive Edition

Weird West: Definitive Edition is an immersive Action RPG set in a fantastical version of the Wild West, where players navigate through a world filled with supernatural elements and complex narratives. Developed by the co-creators of Dishonored and Prey, this game promises a unique blend of action, strategy, and storytelling, offering players the chance to explore the intertwined destinies of its diverse and unusual characters.

Features of Weird West: Definitive Edition

- Unique Setting: Combines the rugged, lawless atmosphere of the Wild West with supernatural and mystical elements, creating a rich and immersive world.

- Intertwined Narratives: Follows the stories of multiple protagonists, each with their own unique abilities and backgrounds, all of which are intricately connected to the overarching plot.

- Action-Packed Gameplay: Features a mix of real-time combat and strategic planning, allowing players to engage with the environment and enemies in dynamic ways.

- Developed by Industry Veterans: Created by the minds behind Dishonored and Prey, ensuring a high-quality experience with deep, engaging gameplay and a compelling story.

Release Date of Weird West: Definitive Edition

31 Mar, 2022

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on31 Mar, 2022
DeveloperWolfEye Studios
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