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About Worldless

Worldless is an intriguing 2D platformer that stands out with its stylized art style and a unique gameplay mechanic. The game invites players to navigate through a newly formed, abstract universe, focusing on self-discovery and personal growth. With its active, turn-based combat system, Worldless offers a fresh take on the platformer genre, blending strategic combat with a narrative that challenges players to interpret its mind-bending story.

Features of Worldless

- Stylized Art Style: Worldless features a visually striking art style that enhances the abstract and surreal nature of its universe.

- Active Turn-Based Combat: The game introduces a dynamic combat system where players must strategize and react in real-time, despite the turn-based framework.

- Mind-Bending Narrative: Worldless offers a narrative that is open to interpretation, encouraging players to delve into the deeper meanings and connections within the game's story.

- Journey of Self-Growth: Players are not just navigating levels but also exploring themes of self-understanding and personal limits, making the game a reflective experience.

Release Date of Worldless

20 Nov, 2023

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on20 Nov, 2023
DeveloperNoname Studios
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