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About WW2: Bunker Simulator - Origins

WW2: Bunker Simulator - Origins is an expansion pack for the base game WW2: Bunker Simulator, which immerses players in the intense and gritty world of World War II bunker operations. This DLC offers a new narrative and gameplay experiences, allowing players to delve deeper into the strategic and survival aspects of maintaining a bunker during the war. Set against the backdrop of historical events, players will encounter new challenges and scenarios that test their leadership and resource management skills.

Features of WW2: Bunker Simulator - Origins

- New Narrative Arc: Engage with a fresh storyline that provides additional context and depth to the base game's setting and characters.

- Enhanced Survival Mechanics: Experience more realistic survival challenges, including managing food, water, and morale among your bunker's occupants.

- Expanded Strategic Options: Introduces new strategic elements such as advanced defense setups and resource allocation to fortify your bunker against enemy attacks.

- Historical Accuracy: Incorporates detailed historical research to ensure an authentic and immersive World War II experience.

Release Date of WW2: Bunker Simulator - Origins

20 Apr, 2024

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on20 Apr, 2024
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