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About WWII Online

WW2 Online is an immersive, player-driven wargame set in the era of World War II. This game stands out by offering a first-person perspective that combines both tactical and strategic layers of gameplay. Players engage in a global conflict across a single, massive server that can support thousands of concurrent players, making it one of the most extensive multiplayer experiences in the genre. The game emphasizes combined arms warfare, allowing players to operate in various roles from infantry to armor and aviation, all contributing to a dynamic and ever-evolving battlefield.

Features of WWII Online

- Player-Driven Simulations: Experience a war where the actions and decisions of players directly influence the outcome of the conflict, creating a highly dynamic and unpredictable gaming environment.

- Massive Multiplayer Server: Engage in battles on a scale rarely seen, with a single server capable of hosting thousands of players simultaneously, ensuring a continuous and expansive warzone.

- Combined Arms Gameplay: Utilize and coordinate various military units including infantry, tanks, and aircraft, each playing a crucial role in the strategic and tactical operations of the war.

- First-Person Tactical and Strategic Layer: Dive into the action with a first-person view while managing strategic elements that affect the broader conflict, providing a unique blend of immersive gameplay and strategic depth.

- Built-in Voice Comms: Enhance teamwork and coordination with integrated voice communication, allowing for real-time collaboration among players in this intense, multiplayer setting.

Release Date of WWII Online

6 Jul, 2023

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on6 Jul, 2023
DeveloperCornered Rat Software
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