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About Xmanager

Xmanager is a market-leading PC X server that enables users to integrate the power of X applications into a Windows environment. With Xmanager, users can seamlessly run X applications installed on remote UNIX-based machines alongside their Windows applications. This software provides a range of features, including a session management console, an easy-to-use X application launcher, an X server profile management tool, an SSH module, and a high-performance PC X server. These features ensure secure access to remote and virtualized UNIX and Linux environments.

Key Features

1. Seamless Integration of X and Windows Applications
Xmanager enables the smooth integration of X applications from remote UNIX-based machines with Windows applications. Users can conveniently run X applications side by side with their Windows applications on a single desktop, providing a unified and efficient working environment.

2. Powerful Session Management Console
The session management console in Xmanager offers users comprehensive control and organization of their remote sessions. It allows users to manage multiple remote connections, switch between sessions, and easily resume or terminate sessions. This feature ensures efficient remote session management, enhancing productivity for users who work across multiple UNIX-based environments.

3. Easy-to-Use X Application Launcher
Xmanager simplifies the launching of X applications through its user-friendly interface. Users can easily access and launch X applications from remote UNIX-based machines without the need for complex configurations. This feature streamlines the process of accessing and using X applications, making it more convenient for users.

4. X Server Profile Management Tool
With the X server profile management tool, users can easily configure and manage their X server settings. This allows for customization and optimization of the X server based on individual requirements. Users can define display settings, manage authentication methods, configure network options, and more, ensuring a tailored and reliable X server environment.

5. Secure Remote Access with SSH Module
Xmanager incorporates a secure shell (SSH) module that ensures encrypted and secure communication when accessing remote UNIX and Linux environments. This feature enhances data security and privacy, protecting sensitive information during remote connections. Users can confidently connect to their remote UNIX-based machines knowing that their data is transmitted securely.

In summary, Xmanager is a powerful PC X server that seamlessly integrates X applications from remote UNIX-based machines into a Windows environment. With features such as session management, an easy-to-use application launcher, profile management, SSH module, and a high-performance X server, users can securely access and work on remote and virtualized UNIX and Linux environments. Xmanager enhances productivity and provides an efficient platform for using X applications within a Windows operating system.

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Updated onMay 25, 2020
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Xmanager6.0 build 0191
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Xmanager for PC
Bring the power of X applications to a Windows environment.
6.0 build 0191
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How to download and Install Xmanager on Windows PC

  • Click on the Download button to start downloading Xmanager for Windows.
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  • Follow the instructions in the pop-up window to install Xmanager on Windows PC.
  • Now you can open and run Xmanager on Windows PC.