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About Zero Hour

Zero Hour is a tactical first-person shooter (FPS) that emphasizes online team-based gameplay. Set in a series of fictionalized locations inspired by Bangladesh, the game offers a realistic scale and resource management system. Players engage in close quarter combat, making strategy and teamwork crucial elements of the game.

Features of Zero Hour

- Tactical FPS Gameplay: Engage in strategic combat where planning and execution are as important as aiming and shooting.

- Real-life Scale Locations: Experience battles in detailed, realistic environments inspired by Bangladesh, enhancing the immersion and tactical depth.

- Resource Management: Manage resources effectively to gain an edge in battles, reflecting real-world strategic considerations.

- Team-Based Online Play: Collaborate with teammates in online matches, emphasizing communication and coordination for success.

- Close Quarter Combat: Face intense, up-close combat scenarios that test players' reflexes and tactical thinking.

Release Date of Zero Hour

12 Aug, 2020

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on12 Aug, 2020
DeveloperM7 Productions