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About Zoonomaly

Zoonomaly is a thrilling survival adventure game set in a monster-infested zoo. Players must navigate through the chaotic grounds, solving intricate puzzles to collect key shards. These shards are crucial as they unlock the secrets behind the zoo's monstrous transformation, aiming to restore order and sanity to the once peaceful animal sanctuary.

Features of Zoonomaly

- Monster Survival: Navigate through a zoo overrun with terrifying creatures, each presenting unique challenges and dangers.

- Puzzle Solving: Engage with a variety of puzzles scattered across the zoo to gather key shards, each puzzle designed to test your wit and resourcefulness.

- Story Exploration: Uncover the dark history of the zoo and its transformation through the collection of key shards, revealing a narrative rich in mystery and suspense.

- Dynamic Environment: Experience a living, breathing zoo environment that reacts to your actions, providing a constantly evolving gameplay experience.

Release Date of Zoonomaly

6 Mar, 2024

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on6 Mar, 2024