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About Zortch

Zortch is a unique blend of genres that combines the thrill of first-person shooters with the humor and horror of sci-fi comedy. Players take on the role of Zortch Maxinum, a quirky character who finds herself in a dire situation after choosing a cheap holiday option that turns out to be a trap set by aliens. The game promises to deliver a mix of intense action, dark humor, and unexpected twists as players navigate through the alien-infested environment.

Features of Zortch

- Unique Protagonist: Play as Zortch Maxinum, a character with a distinct personality and background that adds depth to the gameplay.

- Sci-Fi Horror Comedy: Experience a genre-bending game that mixes horror elements with comedic situations and sci-fi settings.

- First-Person Shooter Action: Engage in intense FPS combat as you fend off alien attackers and try to survive their brain-eating schemes.

- Amateur Engineer Skills: Utilize Zortch's engineering know-how to create gadgets and solve puzzles that aid in your escape.

- Unexpected Twists: The game is filled with surprises and plot twists that keep players on their toes throughout the adventure.

Release Date of Zortch

8 Jun, 2023

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on8 Jun, 2023