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About Bombermaaan

Bombermaaan a riveting remake of the 1983 classic action game, is a nostalgic ride for retro gaming enthusiasts. This multiplayer game lets up to five players compete simultaneously to prove their strategic prowess in dynamic gaming environments. Styled extensively with distinct 8-bit graphics, Bombermaaan transports players back in time to the golden age of videogaming.

Key Feature

1.Engaging Multiplayer Gameplay
Bombermaaan offers an exciting game mode called a total battle. This competitive play session enables you to engage with up to five players at a time, making every match a thrilling roller-coaster ride. The gameplay remains captivating as players must strategize to outwit each other in adrenaline-pumping showdowns.

2.Variety of Maps
The game provides eight varied maps, each harkening back to the charm of its predecessor. These multi-layered arenas present their unique strategic challenges and secrets, ensuring every battle is unpredictable and captivating.

3.Power-Up Items
In Bombermaaan, strategy extends beyond placement and timing. A significant part of your battle plan will involve collecting objects scattered around the map. These items unlock a plethora of abilities to enhance your effectiveness in the match, granting advantages such as increased speed, additional bombs, or new explosive traits to keep the gameplay refreshingly challenging.

4.Flexible Control Options
Bombermaaan offers flexible control settings. Decide who you want to square off against: real-life competitors or computer-controlled opponents. The ability to alter your competitors adds an extra layer of customized gameplay, allowing players to hone their skills at their pace.

5.ime-Conscious Gameplay
One of the game's unique features is its time-sensitive gameplay. Matches in Bombermaaan are bound by a timer, keeping you on the edge of your seat. Time management becomes an intrinsic part of strategy, pushing you to make quick decisions and take calculated risks to win in the ticking clock.

In conclusion, Bombermaaan is more than just a tribute to a bygone era; it's a refreshing take on the classic action game that will keep you engaged with its distinct retro appeal and strategic gameplay.

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated onMay 20, 2013

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May 20, 2013
Aug 4, 2008
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Bombermaaan for Windows
Bomberman clone in 8 Bits retro style
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