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About Crime Fighter

In the treacherous alleys of Crime Fighter, players delve into the life of a burgeoning criminal mastermind with a simple, yet dark goal: to commit a litany of crimes with increasing complexity and reward. As you navigate through the gritty urban sprawl, your criminal portfolio can expand from the petty theft of pickpocketing to the high-stakes adrenaline of robbing banks and raiding mail trains. The city is your nefarious playground, with each building offering new avenues to hone your illicit skills and each crime offering a step closer to notoriety.

Key Feature

1.Rise Through the Ranks
Starting as a lone wolf in the crime-riddled streets, your path to power will be paved with strategy and peril. With every successful heist and daring escapade, you'll gain the reputation needed to recruit and command a crew of hardened gangsters. The creation of your very own gang marks the transition from small-time thief to feared crime boss. However, with greater power comes greater risk, as you'll need to navigate the dangerous waters of underworld politics and rival ambitions.

2.Multiplayer Mayhem
The quest for dominance is not a solitary one. Up to four players can vie for control of the underworld, each plotting and scheming to outmaneuver the others. This multiplayer aspect injects a thrilling unpredictability into the game, as alliances can be made and broken, and no two plays are alike. Whether it's through cunning strategy or brute force, only one can sit atop the criminal hierarchy, and competition is fierce.

3.Visceral Visuals and Intuitive Control
Crime Fighter isn't just a strategic depth charge; it's also a visual treat. The game boasts high-resolution graphics that bring the seedy underbelly to life, ensuring that each crime spree is as visually engaging as it is thrilling. Players will find themselves fully immersed, with a user-friendly interface that allows for complete control via mouse, though the keyboard remains an option for traditionalists. The streets await, rendered in detail that will pull you into the urban labyrinth of crime.

4.The Lure of the Game
Be warned - the allure of Crime Fighter is as potent as the call of the underworld itself. The combination of strategic gameplay, the thrill of the crime, the rise to power, and the competitive edge makes for an addictive experience. Each session pulls players deeper into the criminal world, challenging them to outsmart the police, outplay their rivals, and overcome the odds to reign supreme. In Crime Fighter, the city's dark horizon is yours to conquer... if you dare.

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Updated onNovember 9, 2008
DeveloperSteffen Software
Operating systemWindows, Windows 3.x

Old Versions

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November 9, 2008
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Crime Fighter for PC
Break some laws to seize power in the criminal underworld.
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