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About Enlisted

Enlisted thrusts you into the gritty realism of World War II, presenting a shooter experience that faithfully recreates the appearance and atmosphere of this historic conflict. Attention to detail is paramount, with soldiers' uniforms, weaponry, and skills meticulously designed to reflect the era. It's not just about looks; the authenticity extends to the sounds of battle, the weight of firearms, and the tension that filled the air during one of history's most significant periods.

Key Feature

1.Dual Roles of Leadership and Participation
The game cleverly intertwines leadership with active participation. As a player, you're not only the leader of your own infantry squad, tank crew, or aviation team but also a key part of it. Command your battalion, orchestrated by sophisticated AI, ensuring a dynamic and ever-responsive platoon at your disposal. When the urge to be in the thick of the action strikes, seamlessly transition to direct control of a soldier to lead from the front lines.

2.AI-Controlled Battalion Management
Management is a critical aspect of Enlisted. It's up to you to make strategic decisions that will determine the fate of your battalion in the heat of battle. With AI-controlled units at your command, each skirmish feels like a full-scale war effort. This unique feature adds depth to your gaming experience, allowing for complex tactical maneuvers and an enriched sense of warfare.

3.Versatile Combat Roles
Enlisted offers the spectacle of war with a variety of specialized units at your disposal. Assume the role of a foot soldier, tank commander, or pilot to contribute to the war effort in whichever way suits your playstyle. The game's flexibility allows you to switch between roles dynamically during the match, ensuring that you can always be where you're needed most, adapting to the battlefield's changing tides.

4.Join the Battle
For those eager to dive into an immersive multiplayer shooter set in the tumultuous era of World War II, Enlisted delivers. The game balances the thrill of frontline combat with the strategic depth of managing an entire battalion. With a focus on realism and versatility, it offers a unique perspective on war, both from the skies and on the ground. Ready to step into history? Download Enlisted and become part of the action.

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated onMar 22, 2024

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