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About Eyes: The Horror Game

Eyes: The Horror Game is a striking first-person horror game that immediately immerses the player into a heart-pumping experience. The objective is straightforward but challenging: enter a building, find twenty bags of money, and escape before the malevolent ghosts hunt you down.
The game begins by placing you in the role of a thief, tasked with stealing money from an abandoned building in the middle of the night. The twist comes almost immediately: the building is haunted by malicious ghosts that are determined to ensure you don't leave alive. With no security cameras or guards, the ghosts are your only obstacle preventing you from stealing the bags of money and successfully escaping.
The gameplay of Eyes: The Horror Game is frighteningly realistic, making you feel as though you are truly inside the haunted building. Every corner of the building is a potential hiding place for the bags of money, but it's not only the bags you must be aware of. There are signs that reveal the presence of ghosts, such as furniture shaking and eerie sounds, indicating that you should hide or run to avoid being killed by the ghosts.
One of the unique features of Eyes: The Horror Game is the presence of random markings of eyes on the walls in certain rooms of the building. Touching these drawings will reveal hidden images of different locations within the building, aiding in your search for the bags of money.
The game's location, the distribution of the bags of money, and the appearance of the ghosts - almost everything is set at random, which means that every playthrough is a different and thrilling experience. This makes Eyes: The Horror Game highly replayable as no two games are ever the same.
Overall, Eyes: The Horror Game is a well-crafted horror game that plays to the player's fears and nerves. The game's randomization ensures that it always feels fresh and exciting, while the haunting atmosphere and challenging gameplay create an unforgettable horror experience. If you are a fan of horror games, you should definitely try out Eyes: The Horror Game. You won't regret it.

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated onMay 14, 2013
DeveloperPaulina Pabis

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