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About Hercules demo

Immerse yourself in the legendary world of Hercules with this exciting demo based on the hit Disney film. In this sample level, you join Hercules on a mission to battle and defeat the formidable Cyclops before he can destroy Thebes. Throughout the adventure, you'll need to help Herc navigate through falling columns, terrified Thebans, and runaway chariots. Keep an eye out for Hermes' sandals to unleash a high-speed power burst when needed. With its captivating cartoon-style graphics, the Hercules demo provides an immersive and visually appealing gameplay experience.

Key Features

1. Epic Battle Against the Cyclops
Prepare for an epic face-off as Hercules encounters the fearsome Cyclops threatening to destroy Thebes. Take on the challenge to defeat this formidable foe and showcase your heroism and strength.

2. Exciting Obstacle Avoidance Gameplay
Guide Hercules through a variety of obstacles, including falling columns, terrified Thebans, and runaway chariots. Master the art of dodging and maneuvering to overcome these challenges and continue on your mission to save Thebes.

3. Power Boosts with Hermes' Sandals
Keep a lookout for Hermes' sandals, which provide Hercules with a high-speed power burst. Utilize this boost strategically to navigate through difficult terrains or escape dangerous situations, enhancing your chances of victory.

4. Captivating Cartoon-Style Graphics
Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Hercules with its vibrant and captivating cartoon-style graphics. The visually appealing art style brings the beloved Disney characters and their heroic adventures to life, creating a delightful and engaging gameplay experience.

5. Sample Level from the Hit Disney Film
The Hercules demo allows you to experience a sample level inspired by the popular Disney film. Step into the shoes of the legendary hero and embark on a thrilling quest to save Thebes, offering a taste of the thrilling action and adventure that awaits players in the full game.

In summary, the Hercules demo offers an exciting gameplay experience inspired by the hit Disney film. Battle the Cyclops, navigate challenging obstacles, and save Thebes while enjoying captivating cartoon-style graphics. Unleash the power of Hermes' sandals for thrilling power boosts and relish in a taste of the heroic adventure that awaits in the full version of Hercules.

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Updated onNovember 8, 2008
Operating systemWindows, Windows 95

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Hercules demo
November 8, 2008
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Hercules demo for PC
Take on the role of Hercules in this cartoon action game.
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