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About Identity V

Identity V is an asymmetric horror game in proper Dead by Daylight style where four players are trying to survive the attacks of one other player who takes on the role of a monster. The aim of the first four is to escape with their lives, while the monster has to try to capture and take down as many survivors as he can.

Before starting a new match you can pick whether you want to play a potential victim or the monster. When you play a victim, your aim is to activate a series of generators that let you open the exit door. The problem, obviously, is that the monster will be trying to chase you at all times. And the monster is always faster than the survivors.

When you play as the monster, the idea is to chase the victims. Normally you can win the match just by capturing two of them, but the more you manage to trap, the higher your final score will be. Luckily even though you're outnumbered you can use a wide array of different powers to capture the other players.

As you play you can gain experience and unlock new skills, characters, and skins. The game also has an overlaid narrative where a detective is investigating the complete disappearance of a family under strange circumstances. As you move forward you'll discover what happened with them. In fact, every round you play actually corresponds to an investigation.

Identity V is an outstanding game that's strongly inspired by the aforementioned Dead by Daylight, although it has a Gothic cartoon aesthetic that could almost pass for a Tim Burton production. A spectacular title that made waves on smartphones and now comes to Windows in high style. And best of all, it has cross-play with both Android and iOS.

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated onJan 12, 2024

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