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About Last Chaos (English)

Last Chaos is an immersive online role-playing game set in the land of Iris, a place filled with anarchy, terror, and ambition after an epic struggle between the Gods. Thousands of players can simultaneously connect, fight, and upgrade their courage and battle skills through adventures, quests, and crafting skills with fellow adventurers. Players must use their skill and cunning to unite Iris and become its supreme ruler, ultimately acquiring bravery, intelligence, and strength to become the true emperor.

Key Feature

1: Massive Multiplayer Experience
Last Chaos allows thousands of players to connect simultaneously, providing a vast and diverse community for players to interact with, fight alongside, and form alliances. This massive multiplayer experience ensures that players always have someone to share their adventures with and learn from.

2: Engaging Quests and Missions
Players can embark on various adventures, quests, and missions to gain experience, learn crafting skills, and improve their character's abilities. These engaging activities challenge players to think strategically and work together with fellow adventurers to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

3: Individual and Team Battles
In Last Chaos, players have the option to fight individually or team up in groups to battle monsters, other players, or complete quests. This flexibility allows players to choose their preferred playstyle and engage in combat that suits their interests and skill level.

4: Guild Creation and Competition
Players can form guilds and compete against other guilds for bragging rights and supremacy over Iris. This feature encourages teamwork, collaboration, and friendly competition, adding another layer of depth to the gameplay experience.

5: Regular Updates and Enhancements
Version 2 of Last Chaos may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes, ensuring that the game remains fresh and engaging for players. This commitment to continuous improvement demonstrates the developers' dedication to providing a high-quality gaming experience.

In conclusion, Last Chaos is an expansive and engaging online role-playing game that offers a massive multiplayer experience, engaging quests and missions, individual and team battles, guild creation and competition, and regular updates and enhancements. Set in the intriguing land of Iris, players must use their skill and cunning to unite the realm and become its supreme ruler, providing countless hours of entertainment and adventure. Note that the game is a large (428MB) file and may take several hours to download via dial-up modem.

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Updated onNovember 7, 2008
DeveloperAeria Games
Operating systemWindows, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP

Old Versions

Last Chaos (English)2.0
November 7, 2008
exe32 bit
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Last Chaos (English) for PC
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