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About League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift, developed by Tencent studio, is an adapted version of the popular MOBA game, League of Legends (LoL), designed to provide a more dynamic gaming experience. Available on PC through the GameLoop tool, Wild Rift offers exciting 5v5 battles, comfortable control systems, and stunning visuals, making it a must-try for both new and experienced LoL players.

Key Feature

1: Dynamic 5v5 Battles
Wild Rift offers exhilarating 5v5 battles on reduced maps with shorter phase times, resulting in more fast-paced and action-packed matches compared to traditional PC games. This adaptation is perfect for players looking for shorter, yet intense LoL gaming sessions.

2: Comfortable Control System
The game features a user-friendly control system, with a virtual movement stick on the left side of the screen and action buttons, as well as unlockable skills, on the right side. Additionally, shortcuts to the item store are located just below the minimap in the upper left corner, allowing for easy access during gameplay.

3: Customizable Shortcut Keys
One of the advantages of the PC version of Wild Rift is the ability to create your own shortcut keys using the hotkey editor. This feature allows players to tailor their controls to their preferences, resulting in a more personalized gaming experience.

4: Exceptional Visuals
Wild Rift boasts exceptional visuals, immersing players in the vibrant and detailed world of LoL. The stunning graphics enhance the overall gaming experience, making it a visual treat for both new and seasoned players.

5: Large Number of Champions
The game features a vast array of champions, each with their unique abilities and playstyles. This variety ensures that players can find a champion that suits their preferences and keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging.

In conclusion, League of Legends: Wild Rift is a remarkable MOBA that successfully adapts the LoL experience for a more dynamic and fast-paced gaming environment. With its comfortable control system, exceptional visuals, large number of champions, and customizable shortcut keys, Wild Rift is a fantastic addition to the MOBA genre and a must-try for fans of League of Legends.

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated onOct 4, 2022
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