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About Midtown Madness demo

Midtown Madness Demo thrusts you headfirst into the bustling streets of Chicago for an unparalleled urban racing adventure. Feel the adrenaline as you dash past iconic Chicago landmarks in a heart-pumping escapade that inherits the chaotic energy of "Monster Truck Madness 2." The thrill of the chase is amplified as you whiz by the ivy-clad walls of Wrigley Field and navigate the complex web of highways near McCormick Place. Prepare for an experience where the vibrant city life meets breakneck speeds in an exhilarating blend of action.

Key Feature

1.Realistic Vehicle Variety
Whether you fancy classic elegance or modern engineering, Midtown Madness has you covered with its diverse fleet of vehicular wonders all modeled after their real-world counterparts. Embrace the nostalgia in the chic Cadillac Eldorado, handle heavy-duty tasks with the robust Ford F-350, or channel pure Americana behind the wheel of the Ford Mustang GT. For those seeking something out of the ordinary, extreme options like the mighty 600-horsepower Panoz GTR-1 or the daunting presence of a city bus offer unique driving thrills. Navigate the streets without Keanu Reeves but with all the excitement a high-speed bus can bring.

2.Racing Modes and Challenges
The essence of Chicago's racing scene is captured in the Midtown Madness Demo through a selection of four invigorating events. Whether you're just cruising around to soak in the cityscape or racing the clock in "blitz" and "checkpoint" races, each mode offers a different slant on the urban driving experience. And let's not forget the law - Chicago's finest are always on the prowl, ready to give chase if you dare to unleash your inner speed demon. The demo tantalizes with multiplayer "cops and robbers," adding a strategic, adrenaline-fueled cat-and-mouse dynamic to the proceedings.

3.Limited View, Unlimited Fun
The trial version cleverly offers a glimpse of the Windy City's charm without revealing all its secrets. Players can wield the wheel of three distinct vehicles: the expansive city bus, the sleek '99 Mustang, and the lightning-fast Panoz roadster. Although the full cityscape isn't available in the demo, the taste of urban exploration it provides is more than enough to whet the appetite of any racing aficionado. The carefully selected slice of Chicago presented will leave players yearning for more, eager to unlock the full experience.

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Updated onDecember 5, 2008
DeveloperMicrosoft Game Studios
Operating systemWindows, Windows 95, Windows 98

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