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About Misao

Misao's strongest feature is undoubtedly its narrative. The story is crafted to unsettle, taking players through a spectrum of dark themes, including extreme violence and psychological horror. It capitalizes on the fear of the unknown and the terror of sudden, shocking events. For players who have braved through 'Mad Father,' there are subtle nods to the game that create a sense of interconnected dread and continuity. This rich storytelling approach creates a compelling reason to push through the nightmare, despite the unease it brings.

Key Feature

1.Atmospheric Gameplay
The gameplay mechanics in Misao are reminiscent of classic RPG Maker horror titles, granting it a familiar yet fresh feel. Players control Aki from an overhead perspective, a young girl who must navigate through her now-nightmarish school. As she explores, interacts with characters, and solves puzzles, the sense of dread intensifies. Misao's gameplay is a blend of exploration, dialogue, and survival, all taking place in an environment that feels oppressively alive with danger.

2. Mature Content Warning
A clear disclaimer for potential players, Misao delves into content that is strictly adult-oriented. The game does not shy away from presenting scenes and a level of brutality that is intended for a mature audience. From the language used to the graphic depictions of horror, Misao serves as a stark reminder of the potential of video games to explore very dark and mature themes, making it suitable only for players above the age of 18.

3.Unsettling Aftereffect
Misao is designed to leave a lasting impression, and it succeeds. The unsettling experience is akin to a gripping horror movie that stays with you long after the credits roll. While the game might not boast high-end graphics or an extensive storyline, the emotional impact it delivers is what makes it stand out. It's a game that doesn't just aim to scare but to provoke a deeper sense of discomfort that challenges the player's psyche.

4.Compact Yet Potent Experience
While Misao may not be graphically stunning or feature a lengthy campaign, it stands as a testament to the power of atmospheric storytelling within the horror genre. What it lacks in visual flair, it compensates with a well-crafted, concise experience that draws players in and keeps them engaged throughout its duration. It is a concentrated dose of horror that is highly recommended for those who appreciate the genre, promising an experience that is both memorable and hauntingly beautiful in its execution.

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated onJul 7, 2016

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Terror adventure game set in a Japanese school
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