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About Motocross Madness demo

Motocross Madness demo is an exhilarating motorbike racing game that combines the thrill of stunt racing with the daredevil spirit of world-class motorbike racing. This demo version offers players a taste of the unique features and exciting gameplay that the full version of Motocross Madness has to offer.

Key Feature

1: Realistic Rider and Bike Physics Model
Motocross Madness features a unique rider and bike physics model that gives players control over various aspects of their motorbike, such as throttle, brake, steering, and gears. Additionally, players can control their rider's center of gravity, moving it forward, backward, or to either side, providing an authentic and immersive racing experience.

2: Variety of Racing and Stunt Environments
The game offers a wide variety of racing and stunt environments, including 30 indoor and outdoor stadiums, a quarry, and a long-distance Baja course. This variety ensures that players can enjoy diverse and challenging racing experiences throughout the game.

3: Track Editor
Motocross Madness demo includes a track editor, allowing players to create and customize their own racing tracks. This feature adds an extra layer of creativity and personalization to the game, as players can design tracks tailored to their preferences and skill levels.

4: Midair Stunts and Jumps
The game features 16 midair stunts and jumps, adding excitement and adrenaline to the racing experience. Players can perform these daring stunts while racing to impress their opponents and showcase their motorbike skills.

5: Multiplayer Support
Motocross Madness demo offers multiplayer support for up to 8 players, allowing friends to compete against each other in thrilling and intense motorbike races. This feature enhances the game's replayability and encourages friendly competition among players.

In conclusion, Motocross Madness demo is an action-packed motorbike racing game that offers players a realistic rider and bike physics model, a variety of racing and stunt environments, a track editor, midair stunts and jumps, and multiplayer support. With its unique features and exciting gameplay, Motocross Madness demo promises an adrenaline-fueled racing experience for motorbike enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.

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Updated onDecember 5, 2008
DeveloperMicrosoft Game Studios
Operating systemWindows, Windows 95

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Motocross Madness demo for PC
Make your competitors eat your dust in this stunt racing game.
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