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About New Star Soccer 3

New Star Soccer 3 revolutionizes football gaming by providing an immersive experience that puts you right in the action. With stunning 2D graphics, this installment of the New Star Soccer series allows you full control over your player's actions on the field. Whether you choose to be a defender, midfielder, or attacker, it is crucial to keep the coach, fans, and everyone else satisfied as you climb the ladder to football stardom. Version 3.16 offers small bug fixes, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Key Features

1. Beautiful 2D Graphics
Experience football in a visually stunning 2D environment in New Star Soccer 3. The game's graphics bring matches to life, providing a vibrant and dynamic backdrop for your player's actions on the field. Immerse yourself in the realistic football atmosphere as you navigate through thrilling games and exciting career moments.

2. Full Control of Player Actions
New Star Soccer 3 grants you complete control over your player's actions on the field. Whether you want to play as a defender, midfielder, or attacker, the choice is yours. Make strategic and skillful decisions to showcase your abilities and contribute to your team's success. From passing and shooting to tackling and positioning, every move counts towards your rise in football stardom.

3. Reputation Management
To achieve success, it is essential to keep various stakeholders happy in New Star Soccer 3. Manage your reputation with the coach, fans, and other individuals involved in your football career. Perform well, make decisive moves, and show your dedication to maintain a positive rapport. Balancing the expectations and demands of different parties is crucial for your progression in the game.

4. Rise to Football Stardom
Embark on a journey from a fledgling player to a football superstar in New Star Soccer 3. Work your way up through the ranks, showcase your skills in matches, and seize opportunities to shine on and off the field. As you progress, face challenges, make critical decisions, and strive to leave a lasting impact on the football world. Your rise to stardom is within your grasp.

New Star Soccer 3 offers an immersive football gaming experience that places you at the center of the action. With its beautiful 2D graphics, full control over player actions, reputation management mechanics, and the potential to rise to football stardom, this game promises an exciting and rewarding gameplay experience. Take charge of your football career, make your mark, and become a legendary player in the world of New Star Soccer 3.

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Updated onDecember 5, 2008
DeveloperNew Star Games
Operating systemWindows 95, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows, Windows XP

Old Versions

New Star Soccer 33.16
December 5, 2008
exe32 bit
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New Star Soccer 3 for PC
Choose whether you want to be a defender, a midfielder or an attacker and act in 2D football game.
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