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About Pokémon: Survival Island

Pokémon: Survival Island combines the excitement of Pokémon with the survival elements of Minecraft, offering a unique and engaging gaming experience for fans of both franchises. Here are the key features that make Pokémon: Survival Island stand out:

Key Feature

1. Rich and Diverse Game World
From the very beginning, players are immersed in a rich game world that includes all the Pokémon, a captivating story, and the opportunity to create various objects on work tables, providing endless possibilities for exploration and creativity.

2. Engaging Survival Story
The game's story follows our hero, whose customizable ship runs aground, leaving him as the sole survivor on a deserted island. With only the help of your initial Pokémon, players must navigate the hostile environment and find a way to escape.

3. Customizable Pokémon Team
Players can choose their starting Pokémon by entering its name in capital letters. As the game progresses, new Pokéballs can be crafted, allowing players to capture additional Pokémon and expand their team.

4. Turn-Based Battle System
Pokémon: Survival Island utilizes the classic turn-based battle system from the Pokémon franchise. Players can strategize and choose their attacks, decide whether to flee or use items to heal, providing an engaging and familiar combat experience.

5. Mysterious Temples and Dangers
In addition to the typical challenges of surviving on a deserted island, players will encounter ancient temples belonging to a lost civilization. These temples hold mysterious objects and additional Pokémon but reaching them won't be easy, adding an extra layer of intrigue and adventure to the game.

In conclusion, Pokémon: Survival Island is a highly entertaining and comprehensive game that combines the best of Pokémon and Minecraft in a unique blend of role-playing and survival gameplay. With its rich game world, engaging survival story, customizable Pokémon team, turn-based battle system, and mysterious temples, Pokémon: Survival Island offers a thrilling and immersive gaming experience for fans of both franchises.

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated onAug 4, 2014
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How to download and Install Pokémon: Survival Island on Windows PC

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