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About PS Remote Play

PS Remote Play is an innovative program that enables users to control their PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 console from their PC, offering a range of features and tools to enhance the gaming experience.

Key Feature

1: Remote Control of PlayStation Console
PS Remote Play allows users to control their PlayStation 4 or 5 console remotely from their PC. Before using this feature, users must activate the remote play option from the console's configuration menu. Once this step is completed, users can enjoy seamless control of their console through the software.

2: PlayStation Controller Connection
One of the most notable features of PS Remote Play is the ability to connect a PlayStation 4 or 5 controller to the PC. Users simply need to connect the controller via a USB cable, and they can then use it to play their favorite video games on their computer.

3: Remote Console Activation
The software offers the convenience of remotely turning on the console, allowing users to start downloading updates before they arrive home. This feature is particularly useful for updating the operating system, as it can be a time-consuming process.

4: HD Video Playback
PS Remote Play makes it easy for users to play HD videos from their PlayStation console on their PC, providing a more versatile and enjoyable multimedia experience.

5: Enhanced Console Functionality
As a must-have program for PlayStation 4 or 5 owners, PS Remote Play allows users to get more out of their console and even play it on their PC. This software serves as an ideal companion to the official PlayStation app, further enhancing the gaming experience.

In conclusion, PS Remote Play is a powerful and versatile program that offers a range of features and tools for PlayStation 4 or 5 console owners. With its remote control capabilities, PlayStation controller connection, remote console activation, HD video playback, and enhanced console functionality, PS Remote Play provides users with a more convenient and immersive gaming experience, making it an essential addition to any PlayStation owner's software arsenal.

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Updated onApr 19, 2024

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Mar 15, 2024
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PS Remote Play FAQ

  • To see how PS Remote Play works, go to the "System" section of your PS5. From there, you can activate the "Remote Use" option and start using this tool.

  • Yes, you can download PS Remote Play for both PS4 and PS5. This way, you can control your console from the comfort of your PC or with the freedom offered by an Android smartphone.

  • Controlling your PS5 from an Android smartphone with PS Remote Play is simple. Install the app on your smartphone and activate this feature on your console. Linking the platforms only takes a few seconds, after which you can start playing.

  • Yes, PS Remote Play is free. All you have to do is install the program on your Windows PC or the app on your Android smartphone to use it. Of course, you'll also need a high-speed Internet connection.

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PS Remote Play for Windows
Control your PlayStation 4 or 5 from your PC
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How to download and Install PS Remote Play on Windows PC

  • Click on the Download button to start downloading PS Remote Play for Windows.
  • Open the .exe installation file in the Downloads folder and double click it.
  • Follow the instructions in the pop-up window to install PS Remote Play on Windows PC.
  • Now you can open and run PS Remote Play on Windows PC.