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About Pure Sudoku

Pure Sudoku embraces minimalist design principles, presenting a user interface that is straightforward and easy to navigate. There is no steep learning curve; within moments after the program is launched, users can dive straight into solving puzzles. The interface’s simplicity, however, extends to its aesthetic appeal—or lack thereof. The program is framed by a mildly Asian-inspired theme and displays a rotation of photographic backgrounds depicting world wonders like the Great Wall and Stonehenge. While the visuals serve their purpose, they won't win any beauty contests and, for some, might even distract from the gameplay.

Key Feature

1.Flexible Challenge Levels
Catering to a wide range of expertise, Pure Sudoku offers four distinct difficulty levels: from 'very easy' to 'difficult.' This scaling ensures that whether you're a beginner looking for a gentle introduction to Sudoku or an experienced player seeking to test your limits, there's an appropriate challenge waiting for you. It's a user-friendly approach that makes the game accessible and engaging for players of varying skills and experience.

2.Deluxe Features with a Catch
What might start as a free gaming experience with Pure Sudoku can lead to a more sophisticated and nuanced one if you opt for the deluxe version. Features that enhance gameplay, such as the ability to save your progress, receive hints, and verify your solutions, are locked behind the deluxe version's paywall. The free version still offers basic customization options like toggling visible duplicate numbers and adjusting sound and background settings. Users should note, however, that the 'full-screen mode' is less a feature and more a workaround, as it involves altering the monitor's resolution settings—something that might not be everyone's cup of tea.

3.Straightforward Gameplay with Basic Note-Taking
True to its namesake, Pure Sudoku keeps the gameplay pure and unadulterated. It doesn't introduce unnecessary complexities and stays faithful to the traditional Sudoku experience. Note-taking, an essential aspect of higher-level Sudoku play, is somewhat rudimentary but functional. Players can select numbers from the side of the screen and right-click to place them in the puzzle squares, allowing for a basic form of strategizing.

4.Considerations for Installation and Uninstallation
Potential users should take note that while Pure Sudoku might seamlessly integrate into their digital pastime repertoire, it may not leave as quietly. Should you choose to uninstall the game, be prepared to find a residual folder lingering in your system's program files—a small but nagging reminder of the game's once-presence on your PC. Despite its unassuming character, Pure Sudoku leaves a footprint that requires manual cleaning.

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Updated onJune 18, 2009
DeveloperMochek Interactive
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Old Versions

Pure Sudoku1.52
June 18, 2009
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