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About Rebel Decade

Rebel Decade 3.0 is not your average digital chess opponent. With an estimated ELO rating of 2500 on a Pentium 333, it promises to be a challenging adversary for even the most skilled chess players. The program is designed to simulate the experience of playing against a grandmaster, providing users with a competitive and educational chess environment. Whether you're training for a tournament or simply honing your skills, Rebel Decade offers the rigorous gameplay that can take your chess acumen to the next level.

Key Feature

1.Extensive Database and Resources
Chess aficionados will appreciate Rebel Decade's extensive database functions. Players can explore over 4500 recent games played by grandmasters to study strategies and improve their own gameplay. Additionally, the software comes preloaded with the comprehensive Rebel 10 opening book by Jeroen Noomen, alongside an Encyclopedia of Chess database that boasts a staggering 200,000 positions. These resources are invaluable for players looking to deepen their understanding of chess tactics and history.

2.Advanced Editing and PGN Support
For users who like to delve into the nitty-gritty of chess game analysis and theory, Rebel Decade 3.0 offers a robust opening book editor. This feature, along with direct PGN support for reading, writing, importing, and exporting games, makes it effortless for players to review and share their matches. The program's four clipboard system ensures that notes and moves can be meticulously recorded and reviewed, enhancing the learning experience.

3.Versatile Playing Modes
The software accommodates a variety of chess playing preferences. With options for simultaneous play on four boards, players can challenge themselves by managing multiple games at once. The blindfold chess feature adds another layer of difficulty, helping users to improve their visualization skills. These diverse playing modes ensure that Rebel Decade remains a fresh and engaging tool for practice and play.

4.User-Friendly Interface with Multilingual Support
Ease-of-use is a hallmark of Rebel Decade 3.0, with a flexible, drag-and-drop interface that allows users to customize their screen layout. The automatic annotation feature acts as a coach to provide feedback and insights on moves. Furthermore, the online manual caters to an international audience with support in English, German, and Dutch, ensuring that users worldwide can fully utilize the program’s capabilities.

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Updated onNovember 9, 2008
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