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About Sonic CD

Join Sonic on an epic adventure to defeat the evil Robotnik and his henchmen in Sonic CD. This action-packed game showcases Sonic's super stunts, incredible 3D scaling and rotation in bonus levels, and a thrilling time-travel feature. With razor-sharp 32-bit graphics, revolutionary 3D sound effects, and catchy music, Sonic CD immerses players in a fast-paced and captivating experience.

Key Features

1.Sonic's Super Stunts
Take control of Sonic and unleash his super stunts as you navigate through each level. Sonic's agility and speed will help you overcome obstacles, defeat enemies, and reach the end goal. Perform exhilarating jumps, spins, and loops to showcase Sonic's signature moves.

2.Incredible 3D Scaling and Rotation
Experience Sonic CD's bonus levels that introduce incredible 3D scaling and rotation. These levels provide a unique and immersive gameplay experience as Sonic moves through dynamic environments. Witness Sonic's world come to life in stunning 3D as you collect rings and navigate through challenging obstacles.

3.Razor-Sharp 32-Bit Graphics
Sonic CD boasts razor-sharp 32-bit graphics that enhance the visual appeal of the game. The vibrant colors, detailed environments, and smooth animations contribute to an eye-catching and visually impressive gaming experience. Immerse yourself in Sonic's world as you race through beautifully designed levels.

4.Revolutionary 3D Sound Effects and Catchy Music
The game features revolutionary 3D sound effects that further enhance the gameplay. From the crashing sounds of enemies to the iconic sounds of collecting rings, every audio detail contributes to the immersive experience. Coupled with catchy music, Sonic CD's audio aspect enhances the overall enjoyment and excitement of the game.

5.Blast into the Time Warp
Enter the Time Warp and embark on past and future Sonic adventures. Throughout Sonic CD, players have the opportunity to travel through time, exploring different versions of each level. This time-travel feature adds a unique twist to the gameplay and offers new challenges and surprises.

With over 60 levels of fast-paced action, Sonic CD provides an exhilarating journey with its super stunts, incredible 3D scaling and rotation, razor-sharp 32-bit graphics, revolutionary 3D sound effects, and catchy music. Join Sonic in his quest to defeat Robotnik and uncover the secrets of the Time Warp in this iconic platforming adventure.

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Updated onNovember 8, 2008
Operating systemWindows, Windows 95

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November 8, 2008
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Help Sonic overcome the evil Robotnik.
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