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About World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes is a thrilling online aerial combat game developed by the creators of the highly acclaimed World of Tanks. Set in the Golden Age of military aviation, the game immerses players in a ceaseless war that thrives in the vast blue yonder. The dynamic narrative, attention to detail, and competitive gameplay combine to create a fun and addictive online multiplayer experience.

Key Feature

1.Diverse Aircraft Selection
World of Warplanes offers players the choice of four distinct types of planes. The 'Fighters' are versatile and perfect for direct combat, being agile and combat-effective. Their heavier counterparts, 'Heavy Fighters', are more powerful but significantly slower. 'Carriers' on the other hand, with their focus on strikes against ground units, expand the strategic dimensions of interplay.

2.Massive, Dynamic Battlefields
The action in World of Warplanes unfolds in expansive scenes that can accommodate dozens of players simultaneously. Each battlefield also features a dynamic weather control system that introduces a layer of realism and unpredictability, as the changing weather directly influences aircraft control.

3.Tactical Team Fights
In the heart of the game are thrilling battles. Each matchup commonly pins two equally-sized teams of 15 players against each other, ensuring balanced confrontations where victory is dictated by the combined might of tactical decision-making and piloting skill.

4.Reward and Progression System
The game features a fulfilling progression system. As fights culminate, players are rewarded with credits and experience points which can be utilized for upgrading their aircraft. These credits, similar to those in World of Tanks, can also be acquired with real money, giving players an array of strategies to advance.

5.Strategy-Driven Gameplay
World of Warplanes takes inspiration from its predecessor but soars to new heights with its unique aerial combat. A successful encounter requires strategy, as players must outfly their enemies while evading damage. This tactical depth serves to create a spectacular and thoroughly engaging gaming experience.

In its essence, World of Warplanes delivers an exhilarating airborne war game experience that distinctively stands out with its exciting aerial battles, comprehensive aircraft options, dynamic maps, and strategic depth. The sky's the limit in World of Warplanes.

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated onJun 28, 2024

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