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About Granny: Chapter Two

Granny: Chapter Two is an Android game that you can now enjoy on PC through the GameLoop tool. This emulator downloads its own program, allowing you to play Android games like Granny: Chapter Two on your Windows PC. With GameLoop, you don't need any special knowledge as the program automatically installs everything you need.
Granny: Chapter Two is a first-person horror game that serves as a sequel to the original game. In the first game, you had to escape from a creepy granny who was armed with a club. This time, you must try to escape from both the granny and the grandpa, who are on the lookout for you and will knock you out if they catch you.
The game's premise is simple: you start off trapped inside a huge house that you must escape from through any means possible. Unfortunately, the front door is locked, and you must solve various puzzles dotted around the house to open it. Meanwhile, both the granny and grandpa are constantly moving throughout the corridors and rooms, ready to attack you when you make a noise.
Silence is the key to escaping successfully. Both the granny and grandpa have an acute sense of hearing, and any loud noise or fast movement will alert them. The moment either of them hears you, they will start chasing you relentlessly, halting your ability to solve puzzles and escape.
Granny: Chapter Two is a great horror game you can enjoy without playing the first one in the franchise. The stories are closely related, but both standalone, adding depth to the game's overall experience. As with most horror games, it's recommended to play in a dark environment with your headphone volume turned up for a complete and terrifying experience.
The game is challenging, and you must advance with the utmost caution to avoid detection from the characters. However, the intuitive controls that are adapted to the keyboard and mouse make the game more accessible and user-friendly for PC gamers.
In conclusion, Granny: Chapter Two is a thrilling, horror-packed game that you can enjoy on your PC through the GameLoop tool. It is a game that will appeal to anyone who wants a spine-chilling gaming experience, and it is a must-try for horror genre fans. The game's storyline, paired with the terrifying music and sound effects, provide a complete immersion into the exciting and horror-filled world of Granny: Chapter Two.

Reviewed by Liam Michael


Updated onAug 20, 2023

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