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About Windows 10

Windows 10, released in summer 2015, has undergone a series of updates and improvements, culminating in the October 2017 Fall Creators Update. This operating system offers a solid foundation, enhanced features, and improved integration across devices, making it a strong contender in the OS market.

Key Feature
1: Fast and Smooth Performance

Windows 10 boots quickly, offers smooth navigation, and migrates users away from Internet Explorer. It also brings performance enhancements for gamers with DirectX 12 and provides a competent Siri/Google Assistant competitor with Cortana. The Start menu, missing from Windows 8, makes a welcome return, making Windows 10 feel like a more complete upgrade.

2: Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge, the replacement for Internet Explorer, has become a compelling alternative with its smooth syncing of web activities across mobile and desktop devices. This functionality, previously available in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari, closes a significant gap for Microsoft's core app.

3: Cortana Upgrades

Cortana now offers enhanced features, such as alerting you to incoming calls on your Android phone and allowing voice commands to log out of Windows, shut down, restart, or lock the screen. Cortana's improved dictation abilities make it a useful tool for managing your digital life.

4: Enhanced Task Manager

The Task Manager now includes a separate tracker for your video card, providing handy graphs to monitor GPU usage, RAM usage, driver version, and other details. This feature is useful for troubleshooting and optimizing your computer's performance.

5: Improved Control over Updates and User Info

While Windows 10 still lacks full control over updates and user info, the Fall Creators Update offers some improvements in this area. However, users seeking complete control over updates, privacy, and system backups may find Windows 10 lacking in these aspects.

In conclusion, Windows 10 offers a solid foundation, enhanced features, and improved integration across devices. With its fast and smooth performance, Microsoft Edge browser, Cortana upgrades, enhanced Task Manager, and improved control over updates and user info, Windows 10 is an attractive alternative to Windows 7 and other operating systems. However, users seeking full control over updates and privacy may need to consider other options.

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated onNov 13, 2023

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Windows 10 FAQ

  • Yes, it is possible to install and use Windows 10 without a license. The only thing you'll miss out on is some customization options, such as changing the font, customizing the start menu and taskbar, applying custom themes or accessing certain options in the Settings panel.

  • Windows 10 will support updates until October 14, 2025. From then on, the operating system will not receive security updates to patch any vulnerabilities, so it may no longer be advisable to use the Microsoft operating system.

  • You can download the Windows 10 ISO from APKPure. Microsoft has tools that allow you to update a computer or download the ISO file, but from our website, you can download it directly without installing additional software.

  • Yes. Microsoft allows you to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 for free, as long as you meet the minimum hardware requirements of the operating system. Like Windows 10, you can also install Windows 11 from scratch and use it without a license, although this means certain limitations for some features.

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  • Click on the Download button to start downloading Windows 10 for Windows.
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