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About Bright Memory: Infinite

Bright Memory: Infinite is a groundbreaking title that merges the fast-paced excitement of first-person shooters (FPS) with the dynamic combat of action games. Developed by FYQD-Studio, this game offers players the chance to experience a unique blend of genres, set against a backdrop of intense action and visually stunning environments. Players can harness an array of skills and abilities to execute spectacular combo attacks, making each encounter thrilling and visually impressive.

Features of Bright Memory: Infinite

- Genre Fusion: Combines FPS and action elements to create a unique gameplay experience.

- Diverse Abilities: Players can use a wide variety of skills and abilities to strategize and adapt in combat.

- Combo Attacks: Engage in dazzling combo attacks that require precision and timing, enhancing the combat dynamics.

- Developer Innovation: FYQD-Studio brings fresh ideas and high-quality visuals to the gaming landscape.

Release Date of Bright Memory: Infinite

11 Nov, 2021

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on11 Nov, 2021
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