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About Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro is an advanced version of the standard Google Earth application that offers an array of features and functionalities for professional use. This exceptional software allows users to explore any location on earth from the comfort of their computer screens, no matter the distance. Utilizing cutting-edge 3D graphics technology and high-speed broadband connections, Google Earth Pro is the perfect tool for professionals in the urban planning, geological survey, and architectural industries, among others.
One of the significant differences of the Google Earth Pro from the standard version is access to GPS information. The software allows users to add GPS data from their devices to Google Earth, which increases the accuracy of their 3D visualizations. Also, Google Earth Pro allows users to have faster download speeds for geographical content, making navigation around the maps smooth and swift.
An exciting feature of Google Earth Pro is the ability to print at higher resolutions than appear on your screen. Users can print large and high-quality images of maps or satellite images at high resolutions, giving them impressive quality for presentations, reports, or printing large-scale maps.
Google Earth Pro also comes with integrated user support via email, which comes in handy, especially for professionals who need help working with advanced features in the software. This support feature ensures that the software operates smoothly and eliminates the need for users to seek third-party support.
In addition, Google Earth Pro includes tools for tracking routes, areas, and volumes which is incredibly useful for planning and implementing development activities like road construction or land-use planning. The program is ideal for newer, high-performance computers since it requires robust processing power to render 3D graphics.
In conclusion, Google Earth Pro is an exceptional software for professionals in the architecture, urban planning, geological survey, and other related fields. It offers advanced features and functionalities that enhance the user experience to visualize and analyze different locations in the world. Its access to GPS data, faster download speeds, higher printing resolutions, and integrated user support are features that make it more advanced than the standard version of Google Earth.

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated onAug 21, 2023

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