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About Hitman: Absolution™

Hitman: Absolution™ is a stealth-action game that continues the saga of Agent 47, the iconic assassin. Developed by IO Interactive, this installment finds Agent 47 betrayed by the Agency he once faithfully served. On the run from both the Agency and the police, 47 is driven by a quest for redemption in a world filled with corruption and moral ambiguity. This game is the fifth in the Hitman series, known for its intricate level design and the freedom it offers players in completing objectives.

Features of Hitman: Absolution™

- Intricate Level Design: Each mission in Hitman: Absolution™ is meticulously crafted, offering multiple paths and strategies for players to approach their targets.

- Dynamic Stealth Mechanics: The game introduces advanced stealth elements, allowing players to blend in with environments, use disguises, and manipulate situations to their advantage.

- Narrative Depth: Driven by a compelling storyline, the game delves into the moral complexities of being an assassin, exploring themes of betrayal and redemption.

- Varied Gameplay Styles: Players can choose to play stealthily or engage in more direct combat, with consequences for each approach affecting the game's outcome.

Release Date of Hitman: Absolution™

19 Nov, 2012

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on19 Nov, 2012
DeveloperIo-Interactive A/S
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