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About Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a captivating action-adventure game set in a sprawling, ruined kingdom inhabited by insects and heroes. Players are invited to explore intricate, twisting caverns, engage in thrilling battles against corrupted creatures, and form alliances with unique, quirky bugs. The game is renowned for its classic, hand-drawn 2D art style, which adds a nostalgic charm to its immersive world.

Features of Hollow Knight

- Vast Exploration: Navigate through a richly detailed, interconnected world filled with secrets and challenges.

- Dynamic Combat: Engage in intense battles with a variety of tainted creatures, requiring skill and strategy.

- Unique Characters: Befriend and interact with a diverse array of bugs, each with their own stories and roles in the kingdom.

- Classic 2D Art: Enjoy a visually stunning experience with hand-drawn graphics that evoke a sense of timeless adventure.

Release Date of Hollow Knight

24 Feb, 2017

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on24 Feb, 2017
DeveloperTeam Cherry
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