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About Unrailed!

Unrailed! is an exhilarating co-op multiplayer game that challenges players to collaborate with friends to construct a train track across a series of procedurally generated worlds. The game is set in a dynamic environment where players must overcome random encounters with local inhabitants, upgrade their train, and prevent it from derailing. With its emphasis on teamwork and strategic planning, Unrailed! offers a unique and engaging experience for players looking for a cooperative gaming adventure.

Features of Unrailed!

- Procedurally Generated Worlds: Each playthrough offers a unique landscape, ensuring no two games are the same.

- Co-op Multiplayer: Encourages teamwork and coordination among players to efficiently build and maintain the train track.

- Dynamic Encounters: Players must interact with various inhabitants and manage unpredictable events to keep the train on track.

- Train Upgrades: Strategic decisions on upgrading the train enhance gameplay and add layers of complexity.

- Endless Gameplay: The game's infinite worlds provide endless challenges and replayability.

Release Date of Unrailed!

23 Sep, 2020

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on23 Sep, 2020
DeveloperIndoor Astronaut
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