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About Jaws

Jaws is an innovative software developed by Freedom Scientific, designed to assist blind or visually impaired individuals in accessing and interacting with digital content on their computers. By converting on-screen content into audio narration or text for a braille terminal, Jaws provides an invaluable tool for users with vision challenges. With support for multiple languages, compatibility with various programs, and customizable settings, Jaws offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for enhancing digital accessibility.

Key Feature

1: Screen Content Conversion
Jaws automatically converts all content displayed on the computer screen, including full web pages and Windows pop-up windows, into audio narration or text for a braille terminal. This feature ensures that users with vision challenges can access and understand digital content with ease.

2: Multilingual Support
Upon installation, users can choose from dozens of additional languages in addition to the default English language. This multilingual support enables users from diverse linguistic backgrounds to benefit from the software's accessibility features.

3: Compatibility with Popular Programs
Jaws has demonstrated its effectiveness with a wide range of popular programs, including Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Brave. This compatibility ensures that users can access and interact with content across various platforms and applications, regardless of their vision challenges.

4: Customizable Settings
Users can customize the program's settings to suit their preferences, such as adjusting the voice narration for clicks and keystrokes. This personalization allows users to tailor the software to their specific needs and requirements.

5: System Requirements and Licensing Options
Jaws is compatible with a range of system requirements, including Windows 11, Windows 10, and some earlier versions of Microsoft's operating system. The software requires at least 8 GB of RAM, 2 GB of free hard disk space (SSD recommended), and a 2 GHz i5 processor. Users can download a free trial version of Jaws to test its functionality, with the option to purchase various licensing options for continued use.

In conclusion, Jaws is a powerful and versatile software solution that provides essential accessibility features for blind or visually impaired individuals. With its ability to convert screen content into audio narration or braille text, multilingual support, compatibility with popular programs, customizable settings, and flexible system requirements and licensing options, Jaws is an indispensable tool for enhancing digital accessibility and empowering users with vision challenges to fully engage with digital content.

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated onApr 12, 2024

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How to download and Install Jaws on Windows PC

  • Click on the Download button to start downloading Jaws for Windows.
  • Open the .exe installation file in the Downloads folder and double click it.
  • Follow the instructions in the pop-up window to install Jaws on Windows PC.
  • Now you can open and run Jaws on Windows PC.